The Annunciation to Lucia


Video loop, 21 mn.

In the same way as Touch Tablet, the Annunciation to Lucia occupies a special place in the Teorema video series, deviating from the pictorial caravagesque register.

Structured around a shot of the film where seated, sitting in front of the other, Silvana Mangano and Terence Stamp, the video editing summons different Annunciations of the Italian Renaissance in a dizzying ballet which, carried by the lyric impulses of the Requiem of Mozart, borrowed from a later part of the film and restructured by back and forth games, infuses the movement in the heart of the paintings and animates their different figures.

The frantic movement of pictorial evocations reports on the need to fill an emptiness which refers to the Mystery of the Incarnation. The accumulation of strata followed by the assembly tries to give flesh to the Invisible, to embody the message which is being delivered. In a sculptural approach, it works to give body to what cannot be shown.

And yet, a form of resistance manifests itself in the multiplication of proposals, as if any interpretation struggled to be fixed despite the diversity of the figurative solutions exposed. Only the idea of the irrepressible nature of the movement engaged in the direction of Lucia seems to be observed.

In its own way, the plurality of evocations refers to the indistinguishable nature of a future which echoes the questions of Lucia in the chosen Pasolinian shot ; and whose fatal dimension is reflected in both a uttered cry and in the Mozart’s score whose movements are restructured.

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