Conversion 1


Video editing, 30 mn 28.

In Teorema video series, it is undoubtedly the two versions of Conversion which best embody the principle of an embrace engaged between the pictorial and filmic materials solicited, between the caravagesque and pasolinian registers at work. Playing a form of explicit sensuality, an exacerbated sensations register flush on the surface of the images, the editings can be considered as the two pendants of the same aesthetic and formal proposal articulating in turn, to the same passage of Teorema, the two versions of the Conversion of Saint Paul by Caravaggio of the private collection Odescalchi-Balbi and the Santa Maria Del Popolo church in Rome.

According to the formal movements and dynamics deployed, the gaze adopts a malleability which generates all kinds of exchanges, contamination and porosities. In the grip of incessant metamorphoses and changes in regular ladders, the bodies are transformed and organiezed countless adornments and inlays. A decompartmentalization takes place within genders and identities to better scramble any contours or benchmarks, and to the point of imposing in the editings certain moments of figurative abstraction.

Out of scope, the references to Saint Paul imposed by the common title of the paintings, and to Saint Peter, whose Crucifixion faces one of them in the chapel of Santa Maria Del Popolo, engage the figures of the husband and the son within the maelstrom to constitute a monstrous and incestuous procession. As the introduction of horses in the exchanges, they participate in orchestrated disorder and overflow effects.

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