In the Sixth Month, Tbilisi (Georgia), Exhibition Center Expo Georgia

2024 April 11 - 14

Solo presentation for Tbilisi Art Fair.
Curator: Eric Schlosser.

The title In the Sixth Month refers to Chapter 1 of Gospel of Luke relating the episode of the Annunciation which describes the announcement of her divine motherhood to the Virgin Mary by the archangel Gabriel. Clearly addressed in the montage of The Annunciation to Lucia which is based on numerous of its representations in in Italian Renaissance painting, the theme finds a profane variation in 36 songs to Whistle which proposes a series of confrontations between women and birds in cages extracted from more than thirty films of different genre, geographies and periods. In this video installation, the principle of collection also appears at work, as well as that of an emotion specific to our encounter with the work of art.

Curated by Eric Schlosser, In the Sixth Month is a counterpart to Laurent Fievet’s solo show Labyrinths of Memory presented at Hotel Stamba.

Exhibition Center Expo Georgia
118 Tsereteli Avenue
00119 Tbilisi, Georgia

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