Les Yeux ouverts


Video material for Ludovic Kerfendal’s play after Marguerite Yourcenar and Matthieu Galey’s Les Yeux ouverts.

The play is based on the book Les Yeux ouverts (Open Eyes), which portrays the first woman to be elected to L’académie Française (The French Academy), the novelist Marguerite Yourcenar, in interviews she granted to literary critic Matthieu Galey. The conversations with writer Yourcenar form a kind of oral autobiography. Galey published a collection of these interviews in the book Les Yeux Ouverts (Open Eyes). It quickly became a bestseller, but the publishing triggered a quarrel with the writer.

For Director Ludovic Kerfendal, Marie Christine Barrault is the only actress who could bring the passion, authority and generosity of Marguerite Yourcenar. She embodies this author, who, for so many times, identified herself with male characters for whom she wrote the memories.

With Marie-Christine Barrault, Eric Pierrot and Paul Spera.
Director : Ludovic Kerfendal.
Production : Cie Okibu, Sea Art and Théâtre de Saint-Maur.
Show views : Laurent Champoussin.

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