Stabekk, Et Årsverk art festival

Video-performance with Johanna Zwaig.
After Alfred Hitchcock’s txt_quote_single_openThe Birdstxt_quote_single_close and Edvard Munch’s work.
1 video editing, 27 mn 35.

InOut is a performance created in collaboration with the performer and choregrapher Johanna Zwaig. It consists of a video montage and a dancer who moves inside and outside of the video projection. Laurent Fiévet’s theories about the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and the figurative arts, found the basis for the video montage based on Hitchcock’s The Birds, where some of Edvard Munch’s pictures might be seen as a source of inspiration. In the performance the dancer Johanna Zwaig brings in shapes, states of mind and physical fabulations that have Munch’s pictures as a starting point, and thus suggests meating points between Munch’s and Hitchcock’s artistic universe.

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