Paris, La Bellevilloise

Video-performance with Johanna Zwaig.
After Portrait with Violets.
1 video editing, approx. 48 mn.

Hers is the first collaboration between Laurent Fiévet and the performer and choregrapher Johanna Zwaig.
During the performance, a variation on Portrait with violets video montage is projected on the floor. Johanna Zwaig first circles around the projection, before she enters it. Her body becomes both a sort of silver screen for the projection and a body in dialogue with the images. In an atmosphere of beauty and threat, Zwaig plays with elements from both Psycho and the Manet painting which are combined in the video editing and hints about a deadly outcome. The perfume realised with Alexis Dadier for Portrait with violets video installation is sprayed into the room in the beginning of Hers, and thus hints about a subtle presence of a deadly force.

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