Lucia's Portrait - Illuminations


Video loop, 35 mn.

Brushing a portrait of the character interpreted by Silvana Mangano in the first part of the film by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Portrait of Lucia – Illuminations summons different fragments of the painting San Francisco in meditation of the Caravaggio which is part of the collection of the Palazzo Barberini. The mention of Illuminations with which it is associated takes up the title of a collection of poems by Arthur Rimbaud who is consulted there by the character during the film excerpt and to which a skull is replaced thanks to the process of identification that the video editing set up between the Pasolinian character and the caravagesque figure.

A form of intimate portrait, which would be introspection, seems to be emerging in this association. But while inducing a depth and complexity specific to Lucia, it remains paradoxically opaque and maintain the character out of the reach of the spectatorial understanding. Rhythmized by the tingling of a bell which makes repeated incursions in the soundtrack, a movement of spiritual elevation is induced through the nature and the learned imbalance of the images which are summoned in the evocation.

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