3 screens video installation.
3 editings of 30 mn.

The installation Dislocated collects and combines the first 5 videos of the series Dem Bones: Arachne’s Web, Red Shoes, Up to Argentina, Icing Sugar, and Wild Side. Inviting those bodies present to dance together in rhythm to music that orchestrates the backward and forward motion of others and to constantly jump between the different projection surfaces, the installation works with other kinds of disarticulation and delocalization than those of the individual videos.

The work also considers the process of extraction, thus allowing bodies to dance in harmony within a sole installation, within a backdrop which is no longer a competitive one as it was in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? but on the contrary partakes of a communion inviting the characters to share a common enthusiasm and a same pleasure to end up together, despite the different universes they come from.

The complex effects of jumping from one screen to another reinforce the acrobatic aspect of the juxtaposed choreographies, at times encouraging the bodies to become mixed up with one another.

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