Rebmun Moor


Bussy St Martin, Domaine de Rentilly

Engraved keychain hanging by a key placed in the keyhole of a locked door.

A keychain reading Room 237 hangs from a key placed in the keyhole of a locked door to a room in the castle. The number in question alludes to Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining, where it indicates the room in which two twin girls were murdered. In resonance with the photographs of the castle caretaker’s sons from the Overlook installation, and just like the shapes cut out of the Toile de Jouy in the [] installation, the key and keychain point to dramatic secrets about the property while simultaneously hiding them from view. The piece is likely to cause a sense of déjà vu, testing the visitor’s observational and analytical skills as well as his ability to situate the dispersed elements of the Cracks in the Landscape seriestxt_quote_single_close installations into a network of connections.

A mirror faces the locked door, reflecting its image. An important motif in Stanley Kubrick’s film, it enables a second passageway to open implicitly -a passage which could perhaps be opened by the key and where the viewer can directly project his image. The reference to Lewis Carroll introduced by the title of the piece Through the Looking Glass, presented several hundred yards off within the park (and which makes use of a similarly locked wooden box), proposes another angle from which to understand the work -one that highlights this presence and restores full coherence to the title Rebmun Moor. The passage to which the key might give access would thus not necessarily be that which it first appears to be.

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