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Rectangles cut from a Toile de Jouy.

Rectangles have been cut from the Toile de Jouy that covers the walls of one of the rooms in the Château de Rentilly for this installation. This discreet piece speaks to lack to a hidden dimensionby showing traces of dramatic situations that some might have attempted to conceal or contain completely. Erasing a swath of history, it confuses the viewer’s understanding of the place and creates a kind of enigma, like a puzzle with important pieces missing.

The fabric’s repeated motifs allow the viewer to piece together the characters figuring on the fabric nonetheless, resulting in the involvement of actors who would have otherwise been deliberately excluded. As such, the installation revolves around a portion of a story that has been deliberately silenced, as though muffled by the thickness of the room’s walls.

Originally intended for the Chambres sourdes exhibition, the proposal was eventually abandoned following a change in the organization of different projects inside the exhibition space.

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