The Arrest


Video loop, 22 mn.

The first of two group portraits offered in the video series, The Arrest is built on a pivotal moment in Theorem where the character of the Visitor, played by Terence Stamp, leaves the house where he had stayed for some time. Retaining the moment of his departure through repeated effects of inversion of the temporal flow, the loop on which the editing is structured proceeds, despite the obvious agitation of the protagonists who accompany him in silence, to a form of suspension directly echoing the subject of The Taking of Christ, different details of which are superimposed on the scene, using superimposition effects.

Although marked in the foreground by the interposition of a glass door which immediately appears closed as soon as one tries to open it, the threshold of the house is never crossed in the editing whose looping structure strategically diverts the specter of an imminent separation to better retain the group intact, within the filmic framework.

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