Pietro's Portrait - Beau Snoopy


Video loop, 27 mn.

Portrait of Pietro – Beau Snoopy, is the first of the editings made in the Teorema series. Born from a desire to work on the solicitation of touch in the relationship to images induced by digital technologies, it is the result of the attempt to associate a cinematographic equivalent to the tactile dimensions inherent in Caravaggio’s The Incredulity of Saint Thomas.

While pointing out what is likely to happen within the analysis and confrontation of the collected images, the editing, through its repeated evocations of dressing and undressing, redeploys the homoerotic dimensions to the work of Pasolini to better approach the field of the sacred.

Through the insistence on these gestures, similarly highlighted in Seize him! which constitutes a sort of variant, Portrait of Pietro – Beau Snoopy insists on the propensity of the works to touch us by operating an effect of cancellation between real space and space of representation for which Caravaggesque art is often presented as customary.

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