Project Basement #3, Bushwick Brooklyn NY (USA), 30 Arion place

2016 March 26

Artistic event.
Music program : Juliette Davis
Installation : Jeanne Dekonink, Lara Vallance and Alma Saladin
Video curator : Valentine Umansky
Video program
On March 26, 7 PM
30, Arion place
Brooklyn, NY, USA
+1 347 685 5266
Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls!

Arion Pl is pleased to invite you to PROJECT BASEMENT #3. Let’s celebrate the arrival of Spring with a new dialogue between music and visual arts. We will play, we will sing, YOU will sing.

The scenographic space will welcome musicians, while cinema adapts to live music, publics spreading like waves into an installation that is the shelter of various video works.

A musical playground questioning the scales of each projection and that shall include:
- a concert with our lovely regulars: Juliette Davis, Neil Saidi, Iftah Kary and Charlie Himel
- an installation, designed by Jeanne Dekonink, Alma Saladin and Lara Vallance
- a video selection of Laurent Fievet’s pieces, curated by Valentine Umansky
- and A participing karaoke with all of you folks!

Please, binge listen to our selected repertoire:
- Summertime / George & Ira Gershwin
- But Not For Me / George & Ira Gershwin
- Les Feuilles Mortes / Vladimir Kosma & Jacques Prévert
- I’ve Got Rythm / George & Ira Gershwin

BYO // only Sake and Dumplings will be tolerated on the exhibition space
For any questions:

A. J. V.

Copyright © 2016 Laurent Fiévet