Passe/Impasse, Barcelona (Catalonia), Blueproject Foundation

2016 April 5 - 30

Series of activities, exhibitions and events with Irene de Andrés, Rubiane Maia, Enric Farrés, Davide Manuli, Elías León Siminiani, Alberto Gil, Fred Penelle & Yannick Jacquet, Jordi Galí, Manuel Calderón, Raúl Lázaro, Pep Vidal, Brigitta Horváth, Dario Agrimi, Gonzalo Lebrija, Jorge Méndez Blake, Superpone and Marc-Antoine Mathieu.
Curators: Aurélien Le Genissel and Renato Della Poeta

The Blueproject Foundation presents “Passe / Impasse,” a series of activities, exhibitions and events taking place from April 5th to 30th 2016 at Il Salotto. The main room of the foundation becomes exceptionally an autonomous space that will be transformed over time, hosting and presenting new works, lectures, concerts, shows or installations every week.

“Passe / Impasse” is presented as an exhibition that is always moving, fluctuating throughout its development and whose reality is ephemeral, partial and complementary. As if it were a festival, this proposal offers a new experience each week to the viewer who plunges into the world of Il Salotto. The exhibition brings together more than 17 artists who propose their particular vision about what it means waiting and adventure today.

What do we expect when we are expecting? How do we deal with that feeling so widespread of not moving forward, of feeling locked into a reality uniform, a deadlocked horizon? “Passe / Impasse” offers a cross view of the personal and collective practices that are then generated, from the trip as an aimless wandering to the productive delay, going through the geographical wandering, the escape to the labyrinthic loss. Then, time acquires the density of its free, while space, unrelated to any hospitable idea, becomes a tool or a mere wrapping. When the sense of waiting, the purpose of what happens fades, the emergence of the new does not carry the promises of the wonderful, but it ends in an abrupt impasse.

Blueproject Foundation
Princesa 57
08003 Barcelona (Catalonia)

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