Morphology of Red, Episode 1, Paris (France), Russiantearoom

2010 June 24 - August 8

Paris, Russiantearoom

Group exhibition with Shunsuke Ohno, Dmitry Sokolenko et Natalia Taravkova. Curators : Dmitry Sokolenko and Liza Fetissova.
Paris (France), Russiantearoom ; June 24 – August 8.

1, avenue Trudaine
75009 Paris, France.

When the visible part of a work of art stimulates all our perception channels beyond our senses, does it mean that we are apprehending its immaterial part ? The one that will durably provoke an impact, the one that will erase the memory of the exhibition halls, paced up and down without being touched or seized by what we see ?
Dmitry Sokolenko, the author of « Morphology of Red », suggests in his project to appeal to the colour of Red, highly symbolic univeral colour, which multitude permits to reveal the immaterial part of the creation more easily.

« Morphology of Red » consists of several parts and the chronology of apparition of each episode is close to « Star Wars » one. Episodes IV, V, and VI have already been shown in Russia, where each time the artists have been invited to think about the question of possible forms of Red.

Shown in this exhibition

The Hague, Galerie Ramakers

Ink Red!

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