How to drape the Concrete, Brussels (Belgium) Galerie Jeanroch Dard

2015 June 11 - July 18

Group show with Anna Betbeze, Antone Konst, Justin Morin, Benoit Platéus, Jessica Sanders, Patrick Saytour, Zoé de Soumagnat, Claude Viallat, Romain Vicari, Graham Wilson and Letha Wilson.
Curator: Elisa Rigoulet

An area of direct and vibrant venture, material – hessian, wax, textiles, silk, concrete, ceramics, plaster – stipulates its perceptive capacity and power to transform in this exhibition. Maintaining a physical, surgical, even instinctive relationship with the material, the exhibition artists explore the extent of the adaptability of the substance’s impacts and textures.

Medium, catalyst or superficial, the material establishes simultaneously the source, the object and the subject of the process. It determines, sustains, adapts and sets the work. Adding, transforming, removing and manhandling, this physical body garners raw materials, the system of structure that will emerge printed on fabric, painted on ceramic tiles, solidified as wax, imprisoned in concrete, pleated and folded, sculpted, concealed and uncovered through painting, cutting, ribbing, wrapping and preserving.

This series of work is the result of a sort of blending of the material that derives from – in the same way as a fold or how a piece of clothing hangs – draping and covering the space and emptiness, as if it were a solid, raw material, of the land. Almost putty-like, the latter will hold the resources together even in the most extreme of movements as would the restraints on its own adaptability, a cannibalism of perceptions that disseminate and regenerate continuously.
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