Autumn Chorus


Please join to take part this autumn to Nouvelles Suites or listen to Black Chorus.
Wish you all a beautiful Autumn.

Till November 18
Nouvelles Suites
Solo show
Curator: Lucie Plessis.
With the collaboration of Jean-Michel Monnier.
Galerie 5
BU Belle-Beille
5 rue le Nôtre
49000 Angers
Mo-Th: 8h30 AM to 8PM
Fr-Sat: 8h30AM to 6PM

From October 13 to November 11
Black Chorus
Group show with Cléa Coudsi & Eric Herbin and Edouard Elias.
Curators: Julie Miguirditchian and Nicolas Havette for Octobre numérique.
Opening on November 13 novembre, 7 PM.
Fondation Manuel Rivera-Ortiz for Documentary Photography and Film
18 rue de la Calade
13200 Arles (France)
Th – Sat : 2 – 7 PM.

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